December 4, 2023

Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City

When it comes to bargains, Divisoria and Baclaran are the popular places to go. They offer the best deals for all your needs, including textiles, gadgets, and school supplies.

Home Decors at Dapitan
Home Decors at Dapitan

On the other hand, there is a better option to avoid the crowd while shopping for your home needs. There are also great finds in Dapitan Arcade, another shopping mecca for patrons.

What is Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade is a shopper’s paradise conveniently located in Quezon City. It’s a go-to place for patrons who want to score cheaper products than those sold at the mall.

Dapitan Arcade Shopping Guide
Dapitan Arcade Shopping Guide

Dapitan was derived from a Cebuano term dapit, which means “to invite.” The arcade has been inviting buyers since 2003 to score budget-friendly goods, including some export products.

If you have a buyer’s charm, you can surely bargain at a considerably lower price with select items. This guide will give you practical tips to get the most out of your Dapitan Arcade shopping experience to get the best deals.

What to Shop at Dapitan Archade

It’s important to have a stall guide before heading to Dapitan Arcade to enjoy a more convenient shopping experience. The place is visually stimulating even for first-time customers.

Wood Handicrafts Dapitan Arcade
Wood Handicrafts Dapitan Arcade

The wide selection of bargains will tempt you to splurge, so be sure to prepare your shopping list and stick to your budget. Here’s an overview of what to see and expect in Dapitan Arcade:

  • Stalls 1-2 offer Tiffany chairs, glass dinner wares, classy porcelain wares, stainless steel cutlery, and other kitchen items. These stalls serve customers who want to start their own catering business or restaurants.
  • Stalls 3-4 offer decorative jars with prices that vary depending on the height and design. You can find regal-looking jars, vase-shaped jars, and animal-inspired jars like the big swan. The most expensive jar only costs 600 pesos.
  • Stalls 5-7 & 20 offer affordable pieces of furniture, including bed frames, bench, crates, bookshelves, and wooden chairs. They also offer custom projects based on your design and budget.
  • Stall 8 offers iron wall decorations that range from round to complex designs. These modern-looking displays may cost around 1000 pesos depending on the size and shape. During holidays, you can find Christmas decor and other ornaments for themed celebrations.
  • Stall 10 offers ceramic items for Zen-inspired homes. It sells gold-coated and colorful porcelain Buddhas and other beautiful pieces such as turtles, owls, and deer’s heads.
  • Stalls 16 & 49 offer wooden wall display with inspiring quotes commonly used in bistros and cafes. You can also find miniature figurines such as Santa Claus and nutcracker in these stalls during the Christmas season.
  • Stall 32 offers eclectic figures such as kissing cupids, painted clowns, and ballerinas. The items are perfect for themed homes, especially bedrooms.
  • Stall 34 offers relaxing scents commonly used in offices, homes, and other business establishments. There are flavored sprays and scent diffusers such as aqua fresh, morning dew, and pink grapefruit.

Stalls 64 to 69 offer more decorative items for your home needs.

Shopping Tips to Score Cheaper Items

Native Handicrafts
Native Handicrafts
Affordable Home and Christmas Decors
Affordable Home and Christmas Decors

The second floor of Dapitan Arcade is another pleasant surprise, just like the first floor. You will see dried flowers, Himalayan lamps, statement pieces, and many more. Make sure to bring extra money just to find some interesting items to add to your shopping list.

Secure your money in your pocket instead of a backpack or shoulder bag to avoid pickpockets. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes because you will walk until you have bought all the items on your checklist. Move along and enjoy the vibe at Dapitan Arcade.

Ceramics at Dapitan Arcade
Ceramics at Dapitan Arcade

How to get to Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City

From Cubao.

Take “Quiapo” bound jeepney. Get off at Welcome Rotonda. Walk toward Burger King, where the terminal of jeepneys with the “Del Monte Mayon Dapitan Welcome Rotonda” sign is located at the corner. This street is Kanlaon. Pay minimum fare and ask the driver to drop you off at Dapitan. It’s very near, so watch out.

From Morayta or Nicanor Reyes.

There are many jeepneys with “Dapitan” sign passing through McDonald’s P. Campa along Espana. Take one of them, and you’ll surely miss it. You can always ask the driver to drop you off at the exact location of the Dapitan Arcade. You might need to walk a little bit.

From Pasay, Pedro Gil, Ermita and Quiapo area.

Take jeepney with a “Dapitan” sign at Libertad Street, Pedro Gil, Taft Avenue, and anywhere along Taft Avenue up to Quezon Boulevard in Quiapo. This jeepney passes by Dapitan Arcade.

From Munoz, LRT-1 Roosevelt Station, Congressional, Project 7-8, and nearby areas.

Take a jeepney bound for Sta. Cruz via “Del Monte” and get off at Mayon Street. Walk towards A. Bonifacio Market along Mayon Street. The terminal of jeepneys with “Del Monte Dapitan Mayon Welcome Rotonda” is located at the corner of Mayon and Apo, just opposite A. Bonifacio Market. Ride one of these jeepneys and ask the driver to drop you off at Dapitan Arcade.

From A. Bonifacio, Novaliches Quirino Highway, LRT-1 Balintawak Station, Bagong Barrio.

Take a jeepney bound for Blumentritt Avenida with the “Novaliches A. Bonifacio Blumentritt” sign. Ask the driver to drop you off at Mayon Street. Follow the direction in Route #4.

From Carriedo, Sta. Cruz, Tayuman and Tondo area.

Take jeepney along Avenida with the “Munoz Blumentritt Retiro” sign. Ask the driver to drop you off at Mayon Street. Along Mayon Street, wait for a jeepney with a “Mayon Del Monte Welcome Rotonda” sign. Ride one of these jeepneys and ask the driver to drop you off at Dapitan Arcade.

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Planters and Christmas Decors
Planters and Christmas Decors

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