December 4, 2023

Okay, confession time: Home decor is low-key one of the things I love most in life. I think I read decor magazines more than anything else, and I really love keeping up with whatever beautiful trends crop up.

Second confession: I’m broke AF, which doesn’t exactly lend itself well to having a home-decor obsession, unless you’re also crafty AF. That’s right, friends, I’m constantly on the hunt for sales to feed my addiction with minimal impact to my precious wallet.

To be honest, I think I do a pretty good job of finding awesome places in Montreal where price, quality, and trendiness all line up perfectly.

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1. Eva B

2015 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, if you’ve been in Montreal for any amount of time, chances are high you’ve heard about Eva B. This thrift shop gets its massive popularity for good reason. Their selection, prices, and vibe can absolutely not be beat.

Although they specialize in selling clothes and accessories (and cartons of popcorn, which is a major win, TBH), they’ve also got a great selection of beautiful, inexpensive vintage furniture and home decor items. Browse their offerings, friends, and prepare to fall in actual love with furniture.


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2. Zone

4246 Rue Saint-Denis | Multiple locations

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to describe Zone to you guys without sounding like I’m creepily obsessed with it. The truth? There is no way to not obsess with Zone’s contemporary offerings, gorgeous setup, and fair prices.

You’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from if you’ve ever been to Zone before. If you haven’t, then you need to get yourself there ASAP! And protip? Although their prices are very fair for what you’re getting, browse their sale items. Nabbing Zone’s cute things for incredibly cheap prices is the ultimate score.


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3. Artpop

129 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Love supporting local talent? Great! Then the Plateau’s Artpop boutique is the place for you.

Featuring products made by local designers, Artpop offers tons of adorable and trendy home decor options like prints, throw-pillows, and more. They’ve also got clothes, cards, and other gift items, making this the perfect spot to grab a housewarming gift, say, for your friend who’s just settled in to their new pad. Or yourself. Whatever, no judgement.


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4. Casa Luca

1354 Rue Fleury Est

Oh man, Casa Luca is my jam. Located on Promenade Fleury, which is basically the Sainte-Catherine Street of Ahuntsic (I’m pretty sure), Casa Luca is not only super easy to get to, but also offers some seriously gorgeous and trendy products for incredibly inexpensive prices.

Seriously, they’ve got you covered for pretty much everything. Frames? They’ve got them. Kitchen accessories? You know where to go. Lights? Yup, you guessed it. Casa Luca, keep doing you, because it’s awesome.


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5. Vestibule

5157 Boul St-Laurent

Okay, Vestibule is high-key gorgeous. One walk through this Plateau shop will give some serious apartment envy. That said, I’ve got some great news for you. Many things here? Yeah, not as expensive as they look.

For example, I recently bought a couple of these shelves to add a vintage touch to my apartment. They run for about $30 each, and are extremely gorgeous-yet-functional. Much like the vast majority of the items sold at Vestibule. Fans of home decor, you now know where to go.


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6. KitschA L’Os

3439 Rue Hochelaga

No lie, it can get a little tiring to always see the same type of home accent pieces. I mean, there are only so many hanging light bulbs you can see before it becomes a completely redundant.

If you feel like you need a breath of fresh decair (see what I did there?), then look no further than KitschA L’Os. With seriously cute antique and vintage home accessories (like teacups, frames, and kitchen accessories, to name a few), there’s sure to be something unique and gorgeous for you to fall in love with.


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7. Meubles Vintage Parc

4872 Av du Parc

If you’re on the hunt for some gorgeous furniture, then you know that sometimes, things can get super expensive. I’m no stranger to the game, friend. I know the struggle.

But that’s where Meubles Vintage Parc swoops in to save the day. Featuring secondhand pieces with plenty of character, this Plateau spot is awesome at meeting your vintage furniture (and accessory) needs, without breaking the bank.


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8. Scrupule

1290 Rue Fleury E

Scrupule is what some of us would call a triple threat. How so? Well, not only does this Ahuntsic boutique sell incredibly beautiful, and cheaply priced, objects to freshen up your space, they also offer a clothing boutique, and an incredibly on-point salon coiffure.

So, if you’re ever down to get your hair done while browsing for a whole new wardrobe, as well as a whole new home setup – well, now you know exactly where to go. You’re welcome.


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9. Ten Thousand Villages

5675 Av de Monkland

Friends, what could possibly be better than decorating your home? Oh, right. Decorating your home with fair trade products that simultaneously help out people in need.

It might seem a little difficult to put these two concepts together, but that’s where Ten Thousand Villages comes in. This NDG home store features products made by artisans from developing nations, meaning that when you buy that item you’ve fallen in love with, you’re also directly helping out the person who created it. Good job, you. Good job.


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10. Oui Manon

62 Rue Jarry E

If the name of this spot sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve probably heard about its big sister, cafe Oui Mais Non. Both Oui Mais Non and its decor-centric boutique, are located in Montreal’s Villeray, and although it might be a little out of the way for some people, you’re going to want to get yourself there.

Why? I’m glad you asked. Oui Manon features some seriously trendy items at some seriously fair prices. As an example, check out these super cute and inexpensive terrariums, and then tell me with a straight face that you don’t want one.


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11. Zara Home

3035 Boulevard le Carrefour

Love Zara’s chic, casual vibe and fairly-priced clothes? Then you’re going to adore this spot. Zara Home, located in Carrefour Laval (which is a bit of a trek for some of us, but totally worth it, trust) does a pretty perfect job at showcasing the trendiest things that the world of home decor has to offer.

And it does a damn good job of giving you all of this quite inexpensively too. Most of Zara Home’s glam objects are nicely priced, and pop in during a sale to really be blown away by the savings.



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